Day 34 - Part 1

Looking out of my B&B window I could see the trees bending to and fro as the wind buffeted them. Turning round I saw the bed and it was inviting me to climb back in but I resisted the temptation, showered, dressed and went down for breakfast where Russ joined me.

After breakfast I reluctantly put on my cycling outfit, packed my belongings and made my way to the backup vehicle. After stowing the bags I went through the days route with Russ which I had changed to get me away from the dreaded A30. Bodmin to the Lizard via St Austell, Truro, along the A39 to Penryn and then onto minor roads via Gweek and then down to the Lizard.

Same story again today, hills, hills, showers, hills, showers, more hills but with the special added ingredient – wind, headwind in fact for a lot of the way 😦

The picture is looking back down the hill from Bodmin.

1 thought on “Day 34 – Part 1

  1. Yvonne

    Graham, you are showing amazing focus and determination. The weather is awful at present but you continue to be so positive, well done. We are all so proud of you. I do hope your knee is ok for the last day, stay strong! I’ll see you at Lands End tomorrow. And yes, we’lll being praying for you all. Much love ….. Yvon & Mum x x x


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