Day 33 - Part 2

Here I am, safely tucked up in bed in a B&B near Bodmin and tomorrow is the penultimate day of the challenge when I visit the Southerly extreme of the UK, The Lizard, some 50 miles away.

The weather isn’t looking too good and if the forecast is correct, I’m going to get wet and have to cycle into a brisk headwind.

Watch this space, I try and post tomorrow, if I’m in a fit condition that is.

10 thoughts on “Day 33 – Part 2

  1. kevin kilroy

    Graham, Over some hills and 50 miles away. The Lizard awaits on your second last day, with determination like yours everyone must agree
    that nothing will stop you not even your knee. Best of Luck . Kevin. (Stevenage.)

  2. kevin kilroy

    Over hills & 50 miles away the lizard awaits on the second last day With determination like yours everyone will agree, nothing stops you, even your knee. Kevin. (Stevenage)

  3. kevin kilroy

    Go Graham, The lizard awaits you, not so far when you look back from where you started. Go Graham. From Kevin (Stevenage)

  4. Richard Powell and family

    The Brain family have been delightful neighbours of ours for very many years and their combined contribution to our community has been enormous.

    Your latest achievement Graham serves as a reminder of your own contribution and the staggering determination you have shown in all that you have achieved.

    Your cycle ride to the width and depth of the UK is nothing less than astonishing.

    Well done Graham!

    Richard Powell and family

  5. Nigel

    Congratulations on your solo bike ride, proud to have a cousin capable of such sheer mental and physical determination. So keep the pedals turning for that final 35 mile push tomorrow and enjoy the moment, elation and I’m sure tears of joy as well as no doubt your first pint of cider in ages.


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