Day 33 - Part 1

Day 33, just need to get through today and another 2 days to complete my challenge……

The route for today was from Okehampton to Bodmin, quite simple, just get on the A30 and follow your nose and that’s just what I did, or should I say did for the first 19 or so miles to Launceston.

When I got to Launceston, in order to reduce the future cost of the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) counseling from my experiences of cycling along the A30 dual carriageway (national speed limit) and after a very short discussion with Russ in the backup vehicle, we decided to reroute to Bodmin avoiding the A30.

I pulled up the map on my laptop and found a route that would avoid the A30 by going along the B3254 via Liskeard and then onto the A38 to Bodmin. It added about 7 miles on the journey but it was going to be less stressful and a lot safer 🙂

Safer? Yes.

Less stressful, well on the A30 the gradients are reasonable, on the B3254 well, not the case. Back to the yo-yo effect with a climb to a maximum elevation of…… 890ft!

Boy, do I know how to pick them. If you could have got a picture of the terror on my face when descending from 890 ft with my brakes fully applied…. I shudder at the thought.

However I managed to survive the ordeal and once passed Liskeard I got onto the single carriageway section of the A38 and managed to zip along quite smartly for most of the way, but I’m sure I created a long tail back as the traffic queued behind me when I cycled up the climb to Bodmin.

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