No updates today

I’m afraid there’ll be no updates today as I won’t have my laptop or iPad :-(.

This is due to the change over of the back up crew so all my stuff is being dropped off at the Sunday B&B and I will be travelling as light as possible tomorrow while the backup vehicle heads to meet the next crew, Jan & Steve.

Thanks Russ & Ally for all you support and encouragement during this first week, see you again for the last week. Safe journey.

3 thoughts on “No updates today

  1. kay

    Yes a big thank you to Russ and Ali for all of there care snd support during the first…..and also a big well done for getting out of the buttock massage…Ha!

  2. Neil T

    Well done Graham – almost finished your first week. I am following your daily progress with great interest and find myself once again in awe of you.
    Keep safe and keep pedalling. Neil & Penny.

  3. Nev Everett

    Well Graham, it looks like all is going great so far, you will be pleased to know that the weather is similar down here too, but I will have the company umbrella out to help protect you!!
    Keep them feet going round & round. All the best, ride safe.


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