Day 6 - Part 1

The day started off well with me cycling toward the most westerly point of the UK mainland Ardnamurchan Lighthouse.

The weather was good, I even had time to stop and take some pictures of what in real life seemed interesting, well to me that is, like this rock.

Merrily and not so merrily I cycled up and down some none to easy hills, along a loch stopping now and then to admire the view and thinking how well I was doing on the 26.5 mile trip to the lighthouse.

Something inside me told me I should have turned right somewhere and having cycle for almost 13 miles started to think something had gone wrong with my plans for the day.

I checked the maps on my phone but guess what, No Service so I stopped and looked for someone to ask to ensure I was on the right road, but there was no one around.

After about 5 minutes of the sinking feeling inside of me along came a car which stopped when this red clad apparition jumped out in front it.

“Are you a local?” I asked the young driver.
“Yes” he replied.
“Am I on the right road for Ardnamurchan Lighthouse?” I waited for yes you are but the answer came back “No, you should have turned right at Salen, about 10 miles back”.

My heart sank at this as I thanked him and he disappeared into the distance.

I could feel my will slowly crumbling as I turned around and started back along the 10 miles to the turning knowing that once I got there I would still have a further 23 odd miles to get to the lighthouse.

Eventually I got to the turning some 2 hours after I should have and made my way down a single track road with passing places.

After some hideous hills, one of then 2.76 miles long and rising from 77 ft to 504 ft, I eventually got to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse, the most Westerly point of the UK mainland.

1 thought on “Day 6 – Part 1

  1. john

    Keep thinking positive Graham and you’ll keep coming out on top. Well done. Remember to keep the right outcome, first and foremost in your head.


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