Day 34 - Part 3

With the wind almost blowing me over, I still managed to pose in front of the Lizard Lighthouse at the Southerly point of mainland UK.

I’m even sort of smiling despite being wet and cold, but it was my last point of the compass for my challenge, just the second part of the last extreme to go, Land’s End and the conclusion of my epic adventure.

I will mention this tonight because I may be a physical, mental and emotional wreck tomorrow….

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of encouragement over the last 34 day to help keep me going and to all who have generously made donations on my JustGiving page and exceeding my target (and it’s still open if anyone else wishes to donate).

I must also pass on my thanks to Serco plc and Gatso BV who kindly provided corporate sponsorship both financially and time off to undertake my challenge.

A special thank you must go to Road Safety Support Ltd who provided their Comms manager to handle the publicity, the back up vehicle and personnel without whom the ride would not have gone so smoothly.

The back up crews have been incredibly patient, kind and supportive not only when at a low ebb, but throughout the ride. We have got to know each other over the last 34 days and I now look upon them as good friends.

Thank you all.

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