Almost a blur as I pass the backup vehicle

I left Wick and the wind had started to blow clearing the mist away as I started the last 17 miles of my day 1 leg managing to negotiate the town center and even stopping a a Red traffic signal (unlike some other idiotic cyclists).

After Wick I climbed up along the coast road and the wind increased in strength the higher I got. It was a side wind for the early part but as the road ahead wound it way to Latheron I ended up cycling into a head wind and even had to get into the lowest gear to get down a steep hill.

Anyway, needless to say I finished the day in one piece and am in a very nice B&B typing this and listening to the wind thunder against the building.

Fingers crossed for a calmer day tomorrow.

Nighty night Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4 thoughts on “Almost a blur as I pass the backup vehicle

  1. PenandInk

    Bravo! we did the count down to start along with you; experienced a stab of anxiety due to ambiguous punctuation of your blog (how did he manage to negotiate Wick city centre with one leg?). See you soon! I & P xx


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