Day 35 – Part 4

We cycled through Lands End (village) and headed out to the lighthouse, to the end of our days journey and the end of my Extreme Tour.

There waiting for us at the entrance to the Lands End complex were my eldest daughter Jo, her husband John and my three delightfully wonderful grandchildren ready to join me for the last few hundred metres for the fishing line.

Then a minor disaster struck, Lucy, my youngest daughter, Lucy, who had been cycling with me, waved to Jo, John and the kids with her left hand…… for some strange reason her right hand pulled hard on the front brake lever and with disc brakes, the front wheel locked and Lucy went crashing to met the tarmac. Luckily she was only a bit bruised and appears to have sprained her left wrist, but being brave she picked herself up and remounted her bicycle and we all to rode to the finishing line and a wonderful welcomeImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage.

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