Day 32 - Part 1

Let me start with my usual excuse for not posting last night, no internet and no 3G. It’s really great to live in a technologically forward nation, you have all the latest gadgets and equipment but there’s no network in so many places to let you use it. Of course Llancarfan is one of those places, I almost forgot after being away for so long.

On Day 32 my route took me from Taunton to Okehampton and the only way I can describe it is by comparing it to a Yo-yo and a drowned rat.

I thought the hills in Scotland were bad, but 27 days of cycling over the last 32 is starting to take its toll and the hills of Devon started to seem like mountains.

Chin up Brainy, only another 3 days to go.

It was remarked to me by the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership Manager when he joined me for the last 12.5 miles, that I had been Deveonised by the Devonshire topography.
As an example, I was in a country lane and a car went up the hill that was to be my next challenge and had to change down twice on the way up. Of course was no real obstacle to me, I just walked up it at an incredibly slow pace and sat down at the top for a good few minutes to get acclimatised to the thinner atmosphere up there 🙂

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