Day 28 - BBQ Special

I cycled into Llancarfan with Matthew, Huw, Ian & Lucy and as we came over the brow of the little hill by the church yard I think we surprised a small welcoming group at the entrance to the Fox & Hounds car park.

It was great to see them and after an initial welcome I rode through the car park to the garden area and had an amazing welcome from more villagers who were there enjoying the BBQ.

It was a fab welcome back for my pit stop before leaving again to on the final 6 days of my challenge.

I really enjoyed seeing my friends in Llancarfan again and I had a fabulous afternoon/evening with them all.

I ate far too many burgers and drank too many pints of orange squash.

I also challenged dear Mrs Fell (elder 97) to a toe touching contest and I’m afraid I lost…..

Not wishing to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, I would like to thank John & Sue for putting the event on, Penny and Kay for helping to organise it, Sam for his very kind words, Ian for his witty verse (which I will cherish for years to come) and to everyone who came to welcome me back.

I have lots of pictures and have picked but a few to create this montage, but I will put all of them on the GBExtremeTour website gallery after I have finished the tour.

See you next Monday evening at the Fox 🙂

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