Day 27 - Part 6

I wasn’t speeding, honestly (b!@*dy cameras, who put that there).

I can’t believe that on Tuesday I was heading East along the 25 miles to Lowestoft Ness and now I’m back in Wales.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Lavernock Point (highest tidal flow) and then the Fox & Hounds in Llancarfan and spending my first day at home in just over 4 weeks and as it happens it’s my rest day on Monday (now that’s what you call planning) 🙂

Question is, will I be able to drag myself away from home again for the last 6 days of my challenge?

Answer is, you bet your bottom dollar I will……


6 thoughts on “Day 27 – Part 6

  1. Jan

    You’ve gone a long way since Scotland Graham and coming to the final leg of your journey, following your journey it appears to me that the daily distances mean nothing to you 50 miles, here 50 miles there. But I know that each one is an effort and takes extreme will power to carry on to complete the days ride. Enjoys our rest day at home


  2. Neal Skelton

    Fantastic effort Graham – you are in the final stages now and have been making tremendous progress throughout. Completing the final few days will signify a significant achievement. Well done.

  3. Ted Janssen

    Hi Graham,
    It is wonderful to see that you are making such a progress and almost back home for a short brake before you enter in the final stage of your tour.Did you really think it necessary to have your speed checked??
    Regards and keep going for the last “few”days


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