Day 26 - Part 1

I was unable to post day 26 yesterday as you probably guessed, there was no internet in my room and even though there was a cellphone mast within a few hundred yards, it obviously wasn’t one that supported my provider so consequently there was no 3G 😦

But as they say better late than never!

It was an extremely tough ride from Buckingham to Andoversford due to several reasons.

The first was battling the wind on the previous day left me somewhat worn out.

The second was that I was unable to top up my calories properly due to the B&B not providing evening meals and also not being close to any other eating establishment so I had to make do with the food from the support vehicle refrigerator.

It was my own fault for not making sure of the food arrangements in advance and I didn’t think that snacking for one night would have such an effect on me the following day, but it did!

The third was that it was up and down hills, along cycle tracks and on one occasion after cycling up a rather large hill and descending down the other very step side, I was met with a bridle path which looking at the GPS was about 5 miles long and totally unsuitable to cycle on. After a quick look at the GPS map I found a diversion around it which added I guess a further 4-5 miles on my journey plus having to go back up the hill I had just come down!

When I was within 2 miles of the B&B disaster then stuck, the battery in my GPS died and I was in a country lane with only an inkling of which way to go.

But I got there in the end 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Part 1

  1. kay

    gb… were kind enough not to mention…that your backup team was not to the normal high standard….thank you!…x

  2. PenandInk

    Good to have you back on the blog – we get fidgetty if there’s no news, it’s like missing an episode of the Archers.
    We’re all so looking forward to seeing you…


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