I tried, really tried not to get a picture of a bridge but couldn’t resist this on over the A421 on the way into Milton Keynes. Although modern, it was made out of strips of wood and stood on a concrete base, I thought it was cool.

I discovered that your speed on a cycle can be greatly increased when you have a 40 ton lorry sitting on your tail and waiting to get round you on the A421. It certainly focuses your mind, but I’ve got to say he was very patient and waited until he could overtake me with a wide margin which was good especially with the wind gusting from my near side making cycling in a straight line a challenge in itself.

Now about Milton Keynes, I was following the dual carriageway towards Buckingham for a short while and then decided to get onto the wonderful cycle ways they have.

After going round in circles a couple of times I eventually worked them out and finally left the city, still on the A421 for Buckingham.

As is by magic, the wind suddenly dropped and I made good time to my destination, Buckingham.

Fingers crossed, I managed (this is tempting providence) to yet again miss anything other than an odd spot or two of rain.

1 thought on “Day 25 – Part 6

  1. PenandInk

    Very sneaky. Can’t download this bridge picture. You’re keeping it up your sleeve, aren’t you?


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