Ben Nevis Special

Kay sent this picture to me a couple of weeks ago. It’s my late father and his dog Ben on the Ben Nevis path.

My dad also went up and down Ben Nevis when he was around 62 and came down the worse for wear just like I did. My mum tells me that dad could hardly walk and Ben was unable to stand to eat his food, instead he ate it whilst lying down.

I never thought much about my dad’s trip and never told him how proud I was of him because I didn’t think is was a big deal at the time.

But now after undertaking the same trip myself and now knowing how hard it was for me, I want him to know how proud I am of him for doing it, wherever he is.

3 thoughts on “Ben Nevis Special

  1. kay

    I have said all the way through this adventure….how much your Dad would have enjoyed following your progress…and equally he would have been so very proud of ypu.


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