Day 21 - Part 6

Only 2 minor (minor?) mishaps today, the first whilst following my route led me down the side of an elevated canal and after about 1/4 mile the tarmac road surface turned into what can only be described as a dirt track. Be a bear of very little brain, I continued down it thinking it would only go on for a short distance. About 4 miles further on I eventually got back on a real road.

The second mishap was when my route took me along a road that had a road closed sign. Once again I assumed that this was for vehicles and pedestrians and law abiding cyclist pushing their machine would still be OK. Wrong, I ended up on the A11 dueling road works. I had traveled a good distance to get there and ended up pushing my bike to a point where I could lift it over the crash barrier (when there was a good break in the traffic) and get back on track.


1 thought on “Day 21 – Part 6

  1. j k kilroy

    Hi Graham , Your doing well, This Road may be going nowhere at the moment ? Not for you as you have roads and places to go before you sleep.
    Best wishes . Kevin Stevenage .


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