Day 19 - Part 1

After the excitement of yesterday, I eventually managed to get to sleep in a really lovely B&B in Cotton in the Elms and after breakfast started off on my journey but only after Kay had applied a liberal coating of Factor 30 sun screen to me.

It was a long day of 56.88 miles to Corby. Just like the previous few days, up and down with a lot of ‘up’ from 47 miles all the way to the Corby,

When I reached the designated B&B I was informed that Kay had canceled it due to no breakfast and a room, that can only be described a a box, some distance away from the pub and above a shop!

Instead, we ended up in the Holiday Inn, Corby at a fraction more than it would have cost to stay in the aforementioned box.

With my membership of the Priority Club we were upgraded into the Thorpe Suite, it’s a hard life…..

The hotel also had a fitness club which had a load of exercise bikes, for some reason I gave these a miss and instead used the swimming pool and the spa to chill out. Kay also had swim and then a steam room session.

1 thought on “Day 19 – Part 1

  1. Jan

    Kay almost fusses as much as me, glad to see you had a good ride today and saved by the holiday inn. Safe trip tomorrow


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