Day 18 - Part 1

Today was just like the past few days, up and down hills with 3 long cat 5 hills just to keep me amused and very warm!

It was worth it though for the following reasons – the end of day 18 is now slightly more than half way, 750 miles since I started on 20th May (half the total), another extreme reached, the furthest point from the sea in any direction taking the number of extremes reached to 5 – Northerly, Westerly, Highest, Central & Furthest from the sea (can’t claim furthest between two settlements until I reach Lands End).

It was also very special as Kay joined me today for a few days (not on a bike though) and then another surprise when Lucy & Matt emerged from the The Black Horse in Cotton in the Elms…..

What a good day – so far so good (touch wood).

The road back to Macclesfield


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