Day 17 - Part 1

Goodbye Whalley Abbey. I had a late night and got to be around 11:30 PM nearly 2 hours later than I should have…

I only found out the code for the internet after returning to the Abbey after dinner. The night man provided the information required to get on the internet and also made me a mug of tea when he made one for himself.

Slept really well and ate a good breakfast in the Abbey dinning room. There was a group of clergy on a retreat who came into the dinning area after an early morning service. I was sat on a table all alone and not one of the group acknowledged me, not one good morning or nod of a head. I checked when back in my room to make sure I hadn’t grown an extra head or turned a funny colour but I was just the same old git.

Paul and Chris turned up and after a few pre-flight checks on my bike I started on my day 17 leg of the trip only to be met in less than one mile by a long steep hill.

As breakfast hadn’t gone down and my muscles weren’t warmed up, I thought to myself, Thursday, such a nice day for an early morning walk.

I re-mounted my bike about 3/4 of the way up and got going but progress was very slow.

Guess what, it happened again, I went the wrong way but this time only a mile out of my way, but up a long hill. I met a workman at the top who told me the bad news but I, as I usually do, looked on the bright side – to get back on track, it was all down hill from where I had come from. Annoyed with myself about cycling up the hill I turned around and went back to whence I had come will a smile on my face as I free wheeled down the hill,

At the bottom I turn left and traversed Accrington town centre where the smile soon disappeared as I was confronted by a hill that just seemed to go on and on. I met Paul and Chris part way up and checked my progress, I had been on the road for 1 1/4 hours and including the wrong turning, I had only covered just over 8 miles and still had 44 to go 😦

I followed the old A56 up and down into Manchester and took the navigation of my way through the city centre with only one small glitch.

It seems that every set of traffic signals were Red for me and progress slowed down even more, but eventually I got onto the A6 Stockport Road where I saw my first sign for Macclesfield where my B&B for the night was booked.

I eventually got there about 4:45 PM.

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