Day 15 - Part 1

Day 15, my last rest day until I’ve completed the next 6 days of cycling.

The picture is of my B&B “Plum Tree Farmhouse” in Brigsteer.

I had a good sort out of my cycling kit and packed six individual bags, one for each day to make it easier (and so I don’t forget anything) for Paul and his with who are taking over from Jan for a week.

I then went for a wander around the village of Brigsteer just happy snapping with my camera.

Later, Jan from the support team, who lives in Kendal, his wife Fran and Isabelle his granddaughter picked me up and we went for lunch at Jan’s local.

We the returned to Jan’s house and sat in garden taking in the warm weather before it clouded over, but luckily no rain came.

A very pleasant and relaxing day 🙂

1 thought on “Day 15 – Part 1

  1. Jan

    a lovely day in the Lake District spent the morning preparing the Van for Paul and then enjoying the rest with Graham on his rest day, before he leaves again to transverse the country to Lowestoft his next rest day in six days and another 300 miles. While we enjoyed the day, this occurred in the north of the county on the A595 near Wigton. Yet another story that will affect another family. Incidents like this happen daily and appear in our local papers, and web pages briefly before disappearing from our memories. Raising awareness of the problem can aid in the reduction of incidents like this.

    safe riding Graham !


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