6 thoughts on “Day 12 – Part 3

  1. PenandInk

    Landscape looks wonderful – can’t believe you are over a third of the way through…it may make you grin to know how many people in the village check your progress before switching off the lights of a night. The national grid has never been so overstrained. We have it on the best authority that Mr & Mrs Winterbottom don’t get any shuteye till they’ve scrutinised their i-pad to make sure you are safely tucked up. Eddie Izzard eat yer heart out

  2. Edward and Jenny

    In Ireland, but still check up on your progress. Well done Graham, keep smiling! Jenny and Edward

  3. Jan

    I have been supporting Graham on his journey through Scotland and today he will hitting a milestone as we cross the English border into Cumbria, that’s home for me and I will be handing over the support to Paul who will look after him for the coming week..
    Initially I thought he was mad, attempting this but over the week no nearly two weeks I have seen him face some tough challenges every day, Ben Nevis I think was the worse Graham had not expected the descent to be so tough, luckily I met up with him and provided some encouragement to bring him down safely with the help of a little dog called Finn. The state he was in I did not expect that he would get up the next day and face the daunting task of ascending Glencoe, and Rannoch moor, but he did and he was in obvious pain when he did it. My respect grows daily, he will just not give up and I have no doubt that he will complete the challenge and do so with a smile on his face. as we come down into the lowlands the challenges are different,more traffic , easy to get lost, he seems to have a problem with getting lost. ( It’s because it’s head down and peddle) the days have started to meld into one and the pair of couldn’t tell if its day 5 day 6 pr even day 8. Just get up and ride 50 miles or drive in my case and go with the flow. In some ways ill miss not being there but I suppose I have to go back to the day job. But all his family and friends should be extremely proud of what he is doing and how he is doing it and for a very good cause. Good luck for the rest of the journey Graham.

    ps remember the navigation.

  4. Kay

    I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful support you have given to Graham. He has really appreciated your expert help and guidance, and his inspirational targets have been achieved with his grit and determination and with the help of your considerable experience…(of course not forgetting Finn!)
    We were all touched by your comments ..and if we ever meet…there is a big hug waiting for you!

    1. Jan

      I sit here in a layby, just south of Penrith on the A6 awaiting Graham’s Arrival after 20 miles driving down the A7 thru Carlisle and into Penrith. Currently he is just riding his bike through Penrith, I know this because of a little App called find my friends that allows me to track is progress. Means I can put the kettle on just in time. The road he has just ridden on and this one , the A 6 to Kendal are notorious road casualty routes typical of those around all our counties. Graham has passed a number of accident sites. Two places he has passed come to mind one, involved five teenagers. The driver a young lad was taking his friends to the cinema when he took a bend to fast and collided with a car coming in the opposite direction. All five burnt to death. The other involved a family of five over three generations. The car left the road on a bend killing all including a baby. A mother now has to live with the loss of her whole family. One would be hard but five. I listen to the Cars and motorbikes speeding past and wonder are they going to be another story. If graham can make just one listen by raising awareness then his journey is worth it.


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