Day 11 - Part 1

My legs were slightly better this morning but took a while to work properly without to much pain from Tuesdays trek up Ben Nevis.

Once on the bike all seemed to go well but I missed the turning for Glasgow and luckily Jan in the support vehicle sensed there was something wrong and eventually found me 8 miles on my way to Perth.

I was feeling quite smug thinking I beaten him there until he told me the truth. It wasn’t as bad as me last misdemeanor as he took me back to where I should have turned off, 3 miles from my start.

Before he let me leave, Jan insisted that I fit the GPS unit to my bike so as not to get lost again.

It was a very busy road and subsequently I only stopped once to take a picture. As I passed, the water was like a looking glass with a perfect reflection, but by the time I stopped, got off the bike, dug out my camera from my rucksack a breeze had disturbed the water 😦

Jan took a few pics and when I get them from him I’ll post a couple.

All in all a pretty uneventful day but tomorrow will see 1/3rd of the cycling completed as well as my fun visit to the highest point. I wonder if the lowest point will be as challenging after all it is 9 ft (2.75 m) below sea level?

1 thought on “Day 11 – Part 1

  1. Katherine Kemp

    Hi Graham,
    The scenery looks amazing – bit of an extreme way to see it though! Keep up the good work.
    Gordon and Katherine


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