3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Part 3

    1. Jan

      While waiting for Graham at a view point half way up Glencoe, I got chatting to a lady sitting on a rock admiring the view, and watching the silly tourists climbing the steep sides of the valley opposite. From Wales, every year she would pick an area of the country and tour around it, by herself in van sleeping where she could. She had been at the lay by for a couple of hours just soaking up the atmosphere of the place. (It’s a special place, not just for the view if you remember your history) I mentioned to her what I was doing and that I expected Graham to fall off his bike next to the van shortly. She asked why, and said Graham was doing it to raise the awareness of road safety an often forgotten cause. At that point Graham did indeed fall of his bike looking the worse for wear. The lady got up off her rock got her purse from the car and promptly gave Graham two pound coins for the cause. You can understand Graham being bemused, having someone stuff money in his hand at the moment of his collapse. She smiled,thanked us got back in her van and continued on her way back to Wales. Every pound given tells a story, some more than others.


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