Day 7 - Part 1

Just realised I haven’t updated the blog with yesterdays journey back to Fort William.

After sinking into the bed the previous night I struggled to back to reality in the morning, with the nagging thought that I would have a bit of déjà vu over the first 13 miles of my journey.

After a hearty breakfast I slipped into the red l Lycra cycling shorts and top, recovered my bike from the shed and set off towards Fort William. In actual fact, once I got into the rhythm, the miles soon slipped by and at the top of a hill I laid my bike down and sat to contemplate the peaceful surroundings that I found myself in.

I looked back to where I had come from and saw another cyclist approaching. When he reached the top of the hill he stopped and joined me sitting on the verge. He was waiting for his pal to catch up who was on a touring bike which was no match for his road bike.

A few minutes later his pal arrived and we sat and had a bit of a gossip about what we were all doing.

They both lived in Fort William and had businesses there. Dave (road bike) is an artist who also owns, a hotel, gallery and restaurant and Alan (touring bike) is a mountain guide and owns and run self catering accommodation.

They very kindly let me cycle along with them to Strontian where we enjoyed baked potato, beans and cheese for lunch which Alan kindly paid for.

All three of us then made our way to the Corran ferry and then to Fort William where we sat outside Dave’s hotel had a chat along with a cheese and pickle sandwich and a refreshing cup of tea.

Two really nice and friendly guys, meeting them made day 7 for me.

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