Day 3 – Part 1

Had a great nights sleep and expected my legs to be sore and stiff but surprisingly they seemed fine despite yesterdays hills.

When I left the B&B the wind was still blowing but not as strong and so I started my day 3 journey.

After a 1/4 of a mile, the heavens opened and so I stopped and pulled on my wet weather jacket and trousers but only after I was wet through, but at least they protected me from the biting wind.

The wind got stronger and the rain turned to hail but I got my head down, ignored the stinging of hail on my face and pedaled hard against the head wind.

About an hour later I met the backup vehicle and changed all my clothes in a very undignified fashion in the back of the camper van. In dry clothes and a hot cup of tea inside me I mounted my trusty steed and once again did battle with the Scottish weather on the A9.

It seems whichever direction I travel, there’s always a head wind…..

After speaking with Ian at the B&B, I took a slightly different route via Beauly to avoid the major road works around Inverness. The issue with the slightly different route, although light traffic, beautiful country and scenery, it had 2 more cat 5 hills rising to over 800 ft before plummeting down to Drumnadrochit via 15% hills.

I arrived at the Kilmore Farmhouse B&B and had a hot shower followed by a good hearty meal at the the local pub. I got some strange looks when I ordered orange squash as it was the CAMRA pub of the year and had it’s own micro brewery – but I managed to resist the temptation.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Part 1

  1. PenandInk

    Still awestruck. We’ve got your missus incarcerated with us this eve. She is behaving herself (she says – badly as usual). Worried that you’d get shrunk in the rain. But delighted that you’re safely tucked up and having a good zizz. All luv, p& I


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