4 thoughts on “Whoops on day 2 – part 3

  1. Jan

    Graham most impressed with your ride on day. The route in particular the first third was gruesome with some severe steep climbs and turns, with heavy passing traffic, it’s the main route to Thurso and the Orkneys. We passed you heading south as we went to collect your kit from your first night B&B you looked tired and you were only an hour into your ride. On returning we were amazed at how far you had travelled. Finally catching you up a fair distance from where we had last seen you. Conveniently we met at the top of the last ascent in lay by where we refuelled you with pasta. Probably going to get sick of that over the coming weeks. Sending you on your way 40 minutes later. The next time we passed was after dropping of your new clean kit in Tain four and half hours later you were still smiling. Won’t be supporting you for the rest of the week but will be back next next week with StevieC to support you as you head out of Scotland into Cumbria. Good luck for the ride to Ardnamurchan peninsula,that’s going to be a difficult few days

  2. Jan

    Graham’s currently travelling through Scotland here are the main findings for latest published casualty figures for Scotland

    Road casualties

    186 deaths on Scotland’s roads in 2011 – 11% fewer than in 2010 (208), 47% fewer than 2001 (348) and the lowest figure since records began;
    1,875 reported seriously injured in 2011 – 5% fewer than in 2010 (1,968), 45% fewer than 2001 (3,410) and the lowest number since records began;
    12,770 reported casualties in total in 2011 – 4% fewer than in 2010 (13,338) and a 36% reduction on 2001 (19,911).
    1,315 child casualties, 5% fewer than in 2010 (1,378) and 55% fewer than 2001 (2,923)
    7 child fatalities in 2011, 3 more than 2010 and an average of 5 over the last three years.

    FURTHER DETAILS on how Scotland is dealing with its casualty figures can be found here:


    1. gbextremetour Post author

      Hi Jan, this is what the ride is all about, getting the message out to as many as possible and raising the public awareness of the problem, especially the young.

      My ride in Scotland is for all the little people who have missed out on their precious lives on the roads here.


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