Llancarfan 18/05 09:31

Today is the day when I make my journey to Thurso in the North of Scotland in preparation for the Monday start of my 35 day adventure. I feel so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to not only see a great deal of the UK from a cycle but also to help raise vital funds for BRAKE and more importantly to help raise the profile of UK road safety.  

I have great team people from Road Safety Support Ltd. providing the publicity and backup for the challenge, all of whom are dedicated to improving the the appalling Killed and Seriously Injured statistics on Britain’s road network. Thank you Road Safety Support!

I would like to thank my friends in Gatsometer BV in The Netherlands for providing funding for the cycles and my also friends and Colleagues in Serco Transport Solutions for allowing me the time away from my day job and providing resources to allow me to undertake my challenge.

A massive thank you must go to my dear wife Kay who had to listen to me throughout the preparation and planning over the last two years. Kay has worked tirelessly researching and ensuring that I have a bed in the right area for each night challenge. XXXXXXX

Once last comment, thanks all who have supported me with encouragement and sponsorship, watch this space over the next 5 weeks to see my progress………

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